Public Affairs

Companies are players between market, state, and media. Seeing the connection is one thing. Using it to your full advantage is quite another. We help you get a clear picture of the playing field, help you understand the rules of the game and – together with you – help you develop strategies for playing along successfully. Reap the benefits our network, let your voice be heard, and – together with us – mobilize teammates and competitors. We are the hub at which the various spokes come together.

• Conduct detailed analysis of current status; define goals and objectives
• Identify relevant players, relationships, connections
• Conduct strategic planning; develop short-term, medium-term and long-term communications plans that incorporate the public sphere and political realm

• Monitor politics, policy and legislation
• Stakeholder mapping
• Positioning and issues development
• Agenda setting
• Lobbying efforts
• Relationship management

Various initiatives exist that are intended to bolster and empower the Rhineland region, particularly the major historical cities of Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf (the so-called Rheinschiene, or “Rhine Corridor”).Both from national and international perspectives, this economic region is of vital significance. This is why it commands the focus of investments. In doing so, networking within the region and within Cologne – the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia – earns top priority with national and international players.

In addition, the central location in Germany and at the heart of Europe, combined with its superior transportation connections, provide the links in the B2B world, and among businesses and political institutions at every level – municipal, regional, and federal.

An added geographic bonus is the Rhineland’s proximity to the Europe’s capital city – Brussels – and to Luxembourg, the seat of several European facilities and institutions, as well as corporations with European-wide operations.

In Cologne, we form a kind of bridgehead between the offices in Berlin and the proximity to Brussels. This means we can maintain close proximity – and thus, close relationships – with decision makers in politics and public administration, both in the capital of Germany and in the capital of Europe.

Focus on Latin America:
One special focus of our consulting and advisory services is on supporting institutions and businesses coming from or heading to Latin America. We have made it our duty to help consolidate and strengthen the bonds that exist between Germany and Latin America – from an economic, political, and cultural perspective.

In this spirit, we are already actively involved with the Embassy of Brazil and Embassy of Mexico in Berlin, as well as the foreign trade organizations for the nations of Mexico and Chile known as “Pro Mexico” and “Pro Chile.” We are involved foremost with the food and nutrition industries (including, for example, ANUGA – the world’s leading trade fair for the retail trade, food service and the catering industries).

In addition, we organize forums, conferences, and panels with the participation of embassy officials from the nations of Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru; we also provide consulting advice in all matters related to sales/distribution/marketing to Latin America.

Furthermore, the newly founded Pacific Alliance of the nations of Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru is at the forefront here. In this regard, the industrial focus is on the agro-food and luxury food industries, waste management, and the trade show business.

We also advise Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV), Brazil’s largest think tank. Since 2013, FGV has had its first foreign office in Cologne, which we also look after (

We are the co-founders of the City Partnership between Rio de Janeiro and Cologne as well as the association that ushered in these very first city partnerships between a Brazilian and a German city.